Read the latest information on the progress of the assembly of the batteries, test stand and chassis. Find out more about the day-to-day work of our various teams.

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The battery team soldered over 500 temperature sensors last week and the batteries have been assembled. They are currently at F & K Delvotec for laser bonding. The software for the battery management system is being written at the same time and is already being tested with a scaled-down setup. In the meantime, the final circuit boards of the BMS are being manufactured at the Fraunhofer Institute.

Test Stand

The test stand has now been completed by our freelancers Moritz, Yann and Fabian and moved into the container. It was mounted on a milling table and anchored. Here the motor and inverter team can start testing the newly developed inverter and its control software this week. Many thanks also to the company SKF for their support with the bearing of the shaft. The tests will start on a loan motor from e+a. In the meantime, the final motor will be manufactured, on which the next test phase will focus.


In den letzten Wochen wurde auch mit der Endmontage der Zelle begonnen. Grösstes Arbeitspaket war dabei die Heirat der beiden Rümpfe welche von Sling Aircraft geliefert wurden. Nun kann mit der Integration diverser Subsystemen wie beispielsweise Steuerstangen, elektrischen Leitungen und Kabinenlüftung begonnen werden.






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Assembly Progress

Lesen Sie hier sie neuesten Infos zum Montagefortschritt an Batterien, Teststand und Chassis.
Erfahren Sie mehr aus dem Alltag unserer verschiedenen Teams.

Meet the Team

Roland Lieb

With the start of the second phase of the project, we can now also welcome Roland Lieb to our team. Roland has already gained 34 years of experience in aircraft maintenance and now wants to assist us with his broad knowledge in assembling and planning the processes.

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