On October 2nd, 2021, the big e-Sling rollout took place in the Innovation Park, where the aircraft was presented to the public and the project was handed over to the successor team.  


Over 200 guests visited the hangar at the airfield in Dübendorf to celebrate the rollout of the e-Sling 'Jarryd'. Various presentations ensured the start of the event. After a welcome from the IWF, the students presented their work on the aircraft as part of the various modules Battery, Mechanics, Software and Motor & Inverter. Then the time had come and the e-Sling was shown to the public in front of the hangar gates. Those who had taken enough photos of the aircraft could then visit various stands of the project sponsors in the event space of the innovation park and find out about their technologies, expertise and their support and participation in the focus project. 

The second part of the event again consisted of presentations. Sponsors presented their cooperation with the students and the new team of the focus project 2021/22 explained their new goals and the future of 'e-Sling'. 

A dinner for all team members, patrons and sponsors then rounded off the successful event.