Hydrogen Expo 2021 Bremen

25. October 2021 / by Robin Feuz in Allgemein
Hydrogen Expo 2021 Bremen

Tree team members visited from 20.10.2021 till 21.10.2021 the Hydrogen Technology Europe Expoas well as the Carbon Capture Technology Europe Expo in Bremen, Germany.   


In order to become familiar with the latest technologies in the hydrogen industry and to connect with the market-leading companies in this sector, the three team members Colin, Patrick and Sander traveled to Bremen for the two-day Hydrogen Expo. After countless discussions with experts from the hydrogen industry about the electrolysis of green hydrogen, the compression of the gas, storage under high pressure, the refueling of vehicles with H2, the piping of various components and their control by valves, the structure of fuel cells and their areas of application, the three team members were able to improve their level of knowledge and make important personal contacts, which will be of great interest in the further course of the project. 



  • Brigitte Rohrbach / 22. December 2021

    Spannend! Aber bitte korrigiert auf “Maschinenbau” (kein “ie”)!

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