About e-Sling

About e-Sling

Our motivation

Regarding the current challenge to unite environmental protection and innovation, we are looking for a way to implement these changes in general aviation.

With our project we want to make a statement to the aviation industry. 

The Focus project

The Fokus project

ETH offers to create a project which is supervised by a professor and executed by students. These are perfect initial conditions for future engineers. Education, innovation and economy are the central points of this concept.


The goal is to promote highly motivated and young ETH engineers and to generate a general enthusiasm for electric aviation.


For the first time in human history we are able to create sustainable air transport and reduce the carbon emissions by 100% and the noise emissions by 75%.


Within our Focus project we build a fully electric aircraft with maximal battery range. With this, the ETH supports forward-looking technical researches for the electrification of the aviation industry.


With the further development of the battery technology the electrical aviation offers interesting mid- to longterm perspectives for the economy. The therefore needed knowledge is being reinforced with an alliance of partners in industry which also strengthens Switzerland's economical perspectives.


Further information

International politics realize the challenge and therfore provide guidelines. Our main focus for this project is based on six of those guidelines created by the united nations.