Meet the Team Issue 7 - Get to know David Filiberti, our cooling expert.

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David Filiberti


What are my tasks at e-Sling?

I am part of the mechanics team at e-Sling. Due to the fact that an electric airplane with this kind of power produces a lot of heat, a reliable and powerful cooling system is needed. My task is to design such a system. In order to successfully realize a cooling system, close communication with all other teams is critically important.


Why I chose e-Sling?

Since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by airplanes. It seemed unimaginable to get the opportunity to design a plane during my studies, yet here we are. This project is a huge chance to get to know all the steps in the development and processes in the life of an engineer. I am looking forward to be working with such a highly motivated team.





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