Our Project


The All electric Aircraft

The e-Sling is based on the Sling TSi build by Sling Aircraft pty. Ltd. from Johannesburg, South Africa. Thus the e-Sling has familiar good handling, high versatility and stays close to the Kit aircraft market. With the modular battery system, innovative oil cooling, optional range extender and the in-house developt electric motor the e-Sling is an one of a kind electric airplane.


Range: 250 km
span width: 10.5 m
MTOW: 950 kg
cruise veloc.: 160 km/h
passengers: 4

The e-Sling has a range of 250 km, with optional range extender up to 350 km can be reached. To increase the range we increased the span width to 10.5 m. This will enable more efficient travel for 4 passengers at 160 km/h. The e-Sling keeps the maximum take-off weight of 950 kg, to ease the certification.


capacity: 55 kWh
weight: 200 kg
cooling: oil
cells: 18650

Our battery has an capacity of 55 kWh and will be placed in the wings, instead of the fuel tank, as well as in the motor compartment. For the main battery as well as for the range extender we use 18650 energy cells of the newest generation, which are cooled by silicon oil.

Electric motor

power (max): 110 kW
power (cont.): 45 kW
weight: 20 kg
coefficent: 5.7 kW/kg

To meet the special needs of an elctric aircraft the motor will be designed by the students. The electric motor will achieve 110 kW maximal power for the start and 45 kW continues power during the cruise.


Electric range around 350 km


4 seater


Modulare batteries


Modified wing


energy efficient drive train with 110 kW