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Review 3
By Robin Feuz / 11. April 2022

Review 3

The third and thus already second last review of the focus project e-Sling took place on 8 April in Dübendorf in the Innovation Park. The presentations were held in a hybrid format, so the supervisors and sponsors could participate in the review both online and on site...

Kick-off Event zum Semesterstart
By Robin Feuz / 14. March 2022

Kick-off event at the start of the semester

After the entire e-Sling core team passed the last block of examinations of the bachelor's degree at the ETH, the new semester started again, in which the projects are now being worked on extensively again. In order to maintain team cohesion and motivation for the upcoming intensive project phase...

e-Sling Team in der Lernphase
By Robin Feuz / 16. January 2022

e-Sling team in the study phase

After the Christmas holidays, the e-Sling team will start with the learning phase. The examinations in examination block 3, which are the last of the bachelor’s degree, will be written by the start of the new semester at the end of February. So the team members spend the next few weeks repeating the material of the semester...

Review 2
By Robin Feuz / 17. December 2021

Review 2

The second review of the IMF took place on December 14, 2021 together with the Paris Hybrid focus project. The latest achievements of the e-Sling project were presented to the public shortly before Christmas. Due to the current Corona situation, the review had to be kept online. Nevertheless, the…

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