Under the name 'interest drinks and bbq' an information event took place in our hangar in Dübendorf. Students were invited to find out about our projects and get to know our current team.

The event started at 6 p.m. and the students present first had the opportunity to look at the e-Sling and the fuel cell system and ask some questions about it. The entire core team was there to answer the technical questions about the projects as well as to talk about the experiences made as focus students. For example, many students were interested in the application process or in everyday life as a focus student. After all the conversations, sausages were grilled for all those present and we ended the evening with a few drinks.

The core team of e-Sling hopes to have answered all questions and is looking forward to many applications for the upcoming projects in order to welcome many new focus students and freelancers in our hangar next semester.